7 Reasons why Expats Love Sydney

Sydney Opera House

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and is famous for its views of the iconic Sydney Opera House looking to the harbour. Around 40% of Sydney’s inhabitants were born outside of Australia, making it quite a diverse destination. A constant contender for “world’s best city”, Sydney was 5th best according to PwC and 90,000 of The Guardian’s readers.  Wondering what makes Sydney so special? Here are 7 reasons why expats love the city so much!

1- People Are Actually Nice!

Sydney’s open culture provides a welcoming environment to expats looking to relocate. Unlike many big cities where people often keep to themselves, Sydney is the kind of place you can expect to chat to people on the bus or while queuing!

2- The Beaches are Stunning

Step out of the CBD area and explore Sydney’s many pristine beaches. Bondi is the most popular beach; however, Coogee is another great one for a coastal walk and Manly Beach is one popular with surfers and only a ferry ride away.

Shelly Beach is another beautiful beach that is ideal for snorkelling and family activities.

3- Work-Life Balance

Unlike other corporate hubs such as Germany and the UK, Australia is quite laid back in comparison.

Sydney Coastline

4- The Weather is Great – Most of the Year!

For expats moving from a rainy place, Australia will be a nice treat. With mild weather ranging from 15°C to 26°C during the summer months, it sure is a refreshing change for many expats!

5- Public Transport

Grab a free Opal Card, load it and you’re set to travel around Sydney! Including train, bus, ferry and light rail services, this card is an easy way to get around the city; popular places like the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Hunter, Illawarra and Southern Highlands. Many people choose to drive, however, transport costs can be expensive in the long run.

6- Proximity to Other Cities

Melbourne is around 1 hour and 35-minute flight away, making it a perfect weekend trip. To avoid confusion, it’s worth noting that there are two airports in Melbourne. If you fancy a break at the Surfer’s Paradise, then the Gold Coast is just over an hour flight away with amazing beaches, hotels and nightlife.

7- Active Lifestyle

For those into exercise, sports or a healthy lifestyle then Sydney is the perfect destination with its stunning coastal trails, beach activities, friendly outdoor weather all year round and many restaurants with healthy eating options.

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