Finding Accommodation in Maastricht as an Expat

Maastricht town village


In general, prices for rental properties in the Maastricht and Limburg province are less expensive than those in the Dutch Randstad area, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

Like any city, rental prices tend to vary depending upon property location. For example, you can expect to pay the highest rent in the city centre and South-West area of Maastricht. However, rental prices tend to be more economical in the South-East, North-East and North-West areas.

Rental prices also oscillate depending upon property size. A one-bedroom apartment, for instance, in the city centre averages €700 per month whereas a three-bedroom apartment in the city centre can cost up to €1500.


When relocating, there are certain factors that you must consider before beginning your hunt for accommodation such as the need to live nearby to an international school, proximity to the workplace and the number of expats in the area.

Since you will be new to Maastricht, it is advisable that you rent a property given that buying a house can be a prolonged process. The most efficient and safest way to find a rental property is through utilising the services offered by an organisation that is a member of the Dutch Association of Estate Agents, known as Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars (NVM). You will be able to find a variety of Dutch estate agents (Makelaars) who specialise in finding expats their dream homes.

Pro-housing, for instance, offer special expat services in the Maastricht area.


Alternatively, should you wish to search for your new international home by yourself, there are several online portals available to help:

The Facebook group Sharing is Caring – Maastricht also offers advice on renting and suggestions for letting agents.


Whether you like more traditional quaint houses or modern luxurious apartments, Maastricht offers a range of properties to cater to your preferences. Whilst you can encounter older style accommodation on one side of the Meuse river, modern housing is situated on the other side, particularly within the Wyck area.

There are five types of housing you may choose from:

  • Vrijstaand – detached
  • Twee onder een kap – semi-detached
  • Rijtjeshuis – terraced /town house
  • Appartement – apartment
  • Woonboot – houseboat
Maastricht terraced housing and apartments

The most common type of housing in Maastricht is Rijtjeshuis, a terraced house that is usually two or three stories high with a front and back garden, conjoined by two or more identical homes.

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