How to Find an Apartment in Qatar

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The general cost of living in Qatar depends on your lifestyle preferences. For example, with accommodation being the one main expense when living in Qatar, an average four-bedroom villa goes for at least 13,000 QR (£254) a month, with those in sought-after compounds renting for up to 18,000 QR (£3524). However, some companies offer a housing allowance as a part of the expat relocation package.

Besides from accommodation, it is useful to consider that 90% of the country’s food is imported which means in general food can be pricey. On a positive note, petrol is incredibly cheap compared to Western countries. When calculating living expenses, it is also important to consider your annual travel costs when travelling/visiting home.


Where you live is dependent on several factors such as family size, budget and your own personal taste. Different areas offer different advantages; therefore, you should try to match your choice of the area with what is important to you.  Other aspects that you might want to consider include the distance from your workplace, the number of expats in the area, the proximity to international schools and your preferred leisure-time activities.


Once you have agreed on a certain area it is time to begin the search for your new international home. Property Finder will enable you to search through apartments or villas in a specified area. Other recommended websites include:

  • Qatar Property Planet: A great place to begin your search to become acquainted with the Qatari property market.
  • Qatar Living: Provides a useful contact list for agents and apartment complexes
  • Eqar Sale: Specialising in residences for families, this site is perfect for expats travelling with young children
  • OLX: OLX is a big classifieds site in this part of the world. 

It is also important to note that during short stays in the country in the run-up to the big move, websites such as Airbnb and offer great short-term accommodation to suit every budget.

Qatar doha


Doha is the capital of Qatar and the area most popular for expats due to it being the main business hub in Qatar. There are various suburbs in Doha that offer different living advantages depending on your requirements:


Pearl is a sought-after location for affluent expats due to there being widespread high-end accommodation as well as many luxury shops and restaurants. The location is easily accessible by a double lane road in and out.

Al Waab/Al Sadd

A popular choice for expats due to it predominantly consisting of modern, family orientated compound accommodation with all amenities included. There are also well-maintained free-standing villas and is close to Villagio Mall. Roads are busy during school times as the Al-Rowad International School is situated in the area, as well as other International schools nearby. The area also boasts easy access to most of the major routes.

West Bay/Dafna

This is the perfect location for tax professionals as it is very aptly situated in the financial district. West Bay offers large, ostentatious homes which are perfect for families, especially with it being close to the City Centre Mall. Due to it being a central location there are high rise buildings and high traffic congestion at times.

Abu Hamour

Abu Hamour offers a mix of compound accommodation and free-standing villas. With easy access to most schools, this area is popular for expat families.


Mushereib is suitable for single working professionals as the busy downtown location is close to the business district and the main market area. However, it is an older area of the city and some apartment buildings are dated. Nevertheless, it is full of character with narrow roads and small shops, perfect if you want to experience the authentic Qatari lifestyle.

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