International experience benefiting your VAT career

international career city view

Many people have ambitions to work abroad and in an increasingly interconnected world, moving to another country can really enhance your VAT career.

Kingpin has listed a few things that might get you thinking about an international move:

• Relocating to another country and working in a completely new environment will develop your flexibility, communication, multicultural adaptability and interpersonal soft skills, all of which are sought after qualities.

• You will very often get the opportunity to participate in high-profile, multinational projects that might otherwise not be accessible in your ‘home’ country.

• Working internationally, you will be required to learn new methodology along with local VAT regulations. If you are based in an SSC or Regional/Global HQ, then you will also likely have to increase your VAT knowledge across multiple jurisdictions. This broader, international VAT expertise will invariably make you more attractive to potential employers, whether you go for a further international move or return to your ‘home’ country.

• Joining a VAT Consulting environment (Big 4/Top 10 Firms etc.) will almost certainly provide you with the opportunity to work on a new client portfolio and possibly bigger, more international companies with a Global footprint. This will inevitably expand your professional network and as experts agree, ‘the most connected people are often the most successful’.

• Adding international work experience to your CV will give you a valuable competitive advantage in the marketplace. An international ‘perspective’ is usually highly regarded by businesses, opening up more job opportunities for you in the future.

In addition to the professional advantages, working overseas will also give you a fantastic opportunity to really develop yourself personally and experience new culture(s).

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