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In today’s globalised and interconnected world, many people leave their homes to settle in a new city, country or even continent. The global world holds wider opportunities for expats, however, many have second thoughts about relocating due to the fear of the unknown. Without a doubt, the decision to emigrate is life-changing and many factors should be considered. This is why we think that finding your local community in Hungary can support your transition and can help you settle into your new home country.

In one of the largest expat surveys worldwide, InterNations (2016) looked for the best place for expatriates, where Hungary takes the 21st position among 67 countries, which is a strong position considering that it overtook countries such as the UK, at 33th place, and the USA, at 26th place.

If you wish to connect with fellow expats living in Hungary, the InterNations website is the right place for you. There you can also join exciting events to meet more international people and get tips about expat life in the country. If this is something you are interested in, visit this link

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Get in touch with people with the same nationality, language and other cultural characteristics to overcome the fear of the unknown before making the move. Feel at home abroad! Information about some key Hungarian expat communities is presented below:

• Polish community

Get in touch with other Poles living in Hungary! Whether you have already relocated, or you are simply planning to do so, visit this link where you can find a wide network of expats living in Hungary that are coming from all parts of Poland. Poles living in Hungary organise regular expat events and activities, that you can become part of by registering on the above website. By doing that, you can also participate in attractive trips to see the beautiful historical sights of Hungary.

• Greek community

Connect with other Greeks living in Hungary! They can give you valuable advice on expat life in Hungary, local shops, costs and any other information you are looking for. Getting in touch with fellow Greeks can be a stepping stone in learning about the Hungarian culture and way of living. Click this link for more information about the Greek community in Hungary. Its number grows significantly over the years, with expats coming from all across Greece.

For additional information, you can always check for any Facebook groups of Greek expats in Hungary, such as:

Greeks & Cypriots in Hungary

Greek Talent in Hungary (expats)

• Czech community

Get in touch with the expat community of Czechs in Hungary! Do not miss the opportunity to learn from people of your nationality who have already experienced the relocation to Hungary. Ask them about any advice and tips, pros and cons, so that you are prepared and avoid any disappointment. Visit the link for more information about the Czech community in Hungary, which has been growing rapidly.

• Slovak community

Connect with the Slovak community in Hungary. According to the latest statistics, approximately 17,000 people living in Hungary claim to be ethnic Slovaks. Visit the link to contact some of those people who can provide you with crucial information about the Slovak expat life in Hungary.

• Portuguese community

Contact the Portuguese expat community based in Hungary- . Find out what their opinion about living and working in Hungary is. On the link provided above, you can find a considerable number of Portuguese expats positioned in Hungary.

• Italian community

Get in touch with the Italian expat community located in Hungary. If you seek advice or would like simply to get an understanding of the expat life, then visit this link.

• Spanish community

If you are unsure about what life in Hungary would be, then do not hesitate to contact the Spanish expat community and find out all the answers.

Social Media Connections

Facebook and Instagram hold numerous groups that might be worth following if you are planning to make a move to Hungary. Here are some links that you might find helpful:

– Expats in Hungary (Facebook Groups):

Expats in Hungary

Expats in Budapest Hungary

Expats in Hungary
Hungary Expats

We Love Budapest’ (Instagram Profile)

If you are interested in a move to Hungary or anywhere else in the world and would like to speak to Kingpin International about international tax opportunities, please contact a member of the leadership team. Alternatively, please browse our current international tax vacancies.