Brussels Opportunities for Tax Professionals

Brussels has much more to offer than most tax and transfer pricing expats can imagine. It plays host to millions of visitors each year. As the political capital of Europe, Brussels is home to EU institutions, international organizations, politicians, diplomats and civil servants. The city is also the capital of Belgium, which explains the numerous museums, beautiful parks, architecture and stunning history visible in every alleyway. 

Beautiful architecture in Brussels, Belgium


Brussels economy is dominated by activities within the service and public service industries. The quality of life is very high, and Belgium is listed in the world’s top 20 countries about life expectancy and GDP, demonstrating the reason why tax and transfer pricing expats regularly relocate here for tax job opportunities.

Although Belgium is associated with one of the highest rates of income tax, there are other factors which should be taken into account such as their health service, which is recognized as one of the best in the world, a huge plus for relocating expats.

Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium. The European Union has its main base of operation there, which makes it the de facto capital of Europe as well. It is home to many national and multinational companies, where there are over 50,000 businesses available for ambitious tax-focused expats. This number is constantly increasing due to the emerging economy and opportunities available, along with the number of tax professionals making the city of Brussels their home.


With its strategic location, Brussels is in close proximity to some major European cities such as London, Paris and Amsterdam, which offers tax expats the opportunity for short weekend trips to neighbouring cities. This allows transfer pricing and corporate tax expats to explore more communities and discover opportunities available nearby.


It is interesting how Belgians do not share one common language. There are three official languages (Dutch (57%), French (42%) and German (1%) and an official language border have been established between the regions. The majority in Brussels speak French, but all documents and public signs are usually translated into Dutch as well.


Being influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, Belgium offers a temperate climate with mild winters and often rainy summers. In Brussels, the average temperature ranges from 3.5 °C (38 °F) in January to 18.5 °C (65.5 °F) in July and August.


If you are an expat planning to explore the cultural life in Brussels, then ‘Brussels Card Pass’ is definitely worth buying. For the cost of €22, you receive free admission to over 30 museums and monuments, guided tour discounts, as well as store and bar discounts. This is the perfect way for ambitious tax expats to immerse themselves in Brussels life.


Chocolate and beer are big things in Belgium that contribute to the Belgian economy massively. Like Swiss chocolates, Belgian chocolates are rated as some of the best in the world. Chocolate making is taken very seriously by Belgians, with thousands of varieties produced by the country. Similarly, there are as many as 400 different types of Belgian beer. Normally, you will find only the most popular ones on a beer menu, unless you visit Delirium, where all varieties are served.


There is a wide range of places that corporate tax and transfer pricing expats can explore while living in Brussels. Find out the top eight must-sees in Brussels.

Brussels is a very cosmopolitan city, in which locals are used to encountering people from many different cultures and are usually open-minded and friendly.

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