Tax expats’ guide to life in Singapore

View of Singapore city and coastline

Singapore is an international city attracting an ever-growing tax and transfer pricing expat community. Moving to a new country can always be challenging and culture shocks are likely. It is recommended that you explore and communicate with other expats and their families before arriving, to make your experience less overwhelming. Hearing what others have to say will hopefully allow future tax expats to fully immerse themselves in the wonderful lifestyle Singapore has to offer.

An estimated 29.5% of Singapore’s population is made up of non-residents and so language barriers will be hard to come by in its multilingual environment. English is the ’lingua franca’ of Singapore and is the most widely spoken language on the island, followed by Mandarin, Malay and Tamil.

Online networking sites and blogs

Below are some websites that share stories, experiences and suggestions written by current expat communities in Singapore.

The following website offers a welcoming community and a forum that will provide real answers from expats currently residing in the country. Articles can be found on lifework and culture as well as guidance to moving to and living in the wonderful city:


This link offers everything you may need to know in order to move and live in the city with ease, from car leasing to schooling and everything in between.

Here a mother of one shares her personal experiences of life in Singapore from a mother’s perspective:

This easy to use blog and website provides information for families on everything from international schools and furniture shops to mini breaks and staycations for the whole family:

Families and individuals share their experiences as they adjust to life in the busy city.

Social networking groups

Social networking groups in Singapore will allow expats the opportunity to meet potential friends, play sport and participate in business networking. The website below allows individuals to join online networking groups ranging from social clubs to professional networking.

Singapore expat sports

Sports and Leisure

Participating in activities that you have previously engaged in or taking part in something new are both great ways to meet people. They are sure to make your first few months a more enjoyable and welcoming experience.
The websites below offer a list of sports centres and teams with estimated membership costs and the different areas they take place in.

Expat Briefing

Expat Living

Social Media Connections

As Singapore is such a culturally diverse place you are bound to find someone from a previous home or country. These links will allow you to reach out to people of the same nationality or that you may have common interests with:

Contact the British expat community:



Contact the Australian expat community:


Contact the American expat community:


Contact the Indian expat community:


Contact the Irish expat community:

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