Relocating to Malaysia: Expat Communities

Malaysia Condo overlooking the business district

With its multi-cultural society, Malaysia is an ideal location for ambitious international tax expats to consider and one of Asia’s most developed. Beaches, jungles and cities inhabit the country along with good weather, making it an attractive place to relocate to for tax and transfer pricing professionals. Kuala Lumpur is the largest city and capital, known for its luxury shopping malls, great food and markets, it is a hub for international business and travel. With ongoing efforts to expand its economies, Malaysia is a great place to live for corporate and direct tax opportunities. To help you plan for your tax job relocation, here is our blog on the Top Three Places for Tax Expats to Live in Malaysia.

A challenge is always going to be faced when moving you or your family to a new country. In this article, we offer expat’s advice on where to live, whether it’s Johor Bahru providing easy connections to the busy city of Singapore or Kuala Lumpur with its well-respected international schools. It is recommended by other expats that you reach out or read their stories in order to gain the most from what will be an amazing experience.

Online networking sites and blogs

Below is a list of general links that provide information on life in Malaysia:

Driving in Malaysia, congestion and driving licenses

The following website provides knowledge for property searches, lifestyle, staycations and dining

This link gives an insight into activities that can be done on your off days.

International schools to consider as an expat living near Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

The following blog shares the stories and experiences written by a mother of two, living in the busy city of Kuala Lumpur.

Here a working mother shares tips on moving, day to day life and some interesting facts about living in the capital.

Leisurely activities that take place both in and outdoors.

Interview from a mother of two on her experiences since moving to Kuala Lumpur

Guide to sports and activities in Kuala Lumpur.


Connect with fellow expats.

Where to live in and the costs of accommodation.

In this link a mother of 3 children tells us about living in Ipoh, the costs of living, work-life and the pros and cons of living in a different country.

Johor Baharu

Below the link gives advice on buying and renting in the affordable city.

Get in touch with other expats living in Johor Bahru through their expat Facebook page.

Interview with a mother of four on life in Johor, where to live and nearby international schools:


Penang's stunning building architecture

Here is a link to an honest blog describing the pros and cons of living in Penang.

Activities to do in Penang for kids both in and outdoors, from a mother’s perspective.

The link below offers suggestions on where to live in Penang as well as advice on international schools.

Here is a link to the Penang expat community page.

Port Klang

Below you can find information on where to live and the cost of accommodation.

Here is a link to the Klang expat community:

Discussions and help on where to live and schools to use near Port Klang:

Social Media Connections

British expat community

American expat community

Australian expat community

Social networking groups in Malaysia

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