Living Costs in Hong Kong for Tax and Transfer Pricing Expats

Hong Kong skyline and business district

Are you an ambitious tax or transfer pricing professional pondering a move to Hong Kong? The Kingpin team are here to support you with our knowledgeable advice and specialist expertise. Discover our perspective on the cost of living in Hong Kong and explore top tips to ensure an efficient relocation without the stress.

Although a large budget isn’t necessary when relocating, it is recommended that you have reasonable savings to get you comfortably through your first couple of months. Median costs per year to live in this bustling city is approximately HKD 105,400 (

Discover our breakdown of how these Hong Kong prices are converted into alternative currencies.

Hong Kong DollarEuroUS DollarAustralian DollarSingapore Dollar
HKD 105,400EUR 12,328USD 13,560AUD 20,116SGD 18,455

Hong Kong is one of the most expensive places to live in the world, however with low taxes, high-quality education and healthcare provided, it isn’t surprising that many tax, accountancy and transfer pricing expats accept this compromise. High profile tax professionals are also known to be offered salaries higher than ever, with the number of high-net-worth individuals set to increase by almost 40% by 2026 (GoinGlobal). Due to rising salaries and Hong Kong offering higher salaries than other countries, income for prosperous corporate tax and treasury expats ensures a comfortable cost of living.


On average, you could be paying around HKD 17,772 per month for single occupation in the city centre, alternatively for a family of four outside the centre, you could be paying roughly HKD 24,504 a month. Although these prices may be slightly more elevated than your current living situation, there is no doubt that you can still live a brilliant life on your salary, without breaking the bank.

Discover the comparison to other cities accommodation prices, dependant on the monthly cost of a 1-bed apartment:

SydneySingaporeLondonNew York
AUD 2,544
(HKD 13,286)
(HKD 15,854)
(HKD 17,590)
(HKD 24,867)

Discover more comparison prices, including monthly rates, utilities and transportation through Numbeo before you relocate.


The city boasts a highly advanced transport network which offers inexpensive, reliable and clean journeys. It is believed that over 90% of residents use public transport, the highest percentage in the world. The Mass Transit Railway is the most popular mode of transport spreading across 11 lines and 93 stations, with further expansions in the pipeline. Bus fares are also extremely cheap from as little at HKD 3.40, which converted into alternative currencies is around GBP 0.33, EUR 0.39 or USD 0.43.

Check out all the different options HERE:


Hong Kong’s current residents have some of the highest life expectancies in the world. This is most likely down to the fantastic healthcare system available. The system is operated by the government and offered to everyone at no cost at all, even expats! A Hong Kong Identity Card must be requested for you to be eligible for this service. Alternatively, if you prefer the benefits of going private, this service is also available at a cost.

TOP TIP: Hong Kong ID cards must be with you at all times, as you could be prosecuted if you don’t have it to hand!


You may be curious about the food offered in this region; however, Hong Kong features many restaurants with various price points to suit your budget. From intriguing local cuisines to traditional dishes, we’re sure you’ll locate something delicious to eat no matter where you may be. For an everyday lunch, you should expect to pay around HKD 94 (GBP 9.18, EUR 10.90, USD 12.10) and the average daily food cost approximately HKD 205 (GBP 20.02, EUR 23.80, USD 26.40). You will also not be short on local produce, as many areas within Hong Kong have regular markets with fresh food when you want to try something a little more exotic. There are many supermarkets throughout Hong Kong, although it is believed that most expats usually prefer to eat out, as supermarkets can be reasonably expensive.

See a breakdown on what Hong Kong residents usually spend their income on:

Breakdown of expat costs living in Hong Kong


Overall, even though Hong Kong is one of the most expensive places to live in the world, the numerous benefits and standard of living certainly outweigh these costs. The bustling city of Hong Kong offers great accommodation possibilities, an unparalleled healthcare system and efficient transport options, meaning very little expats are put off by the higher cost of living. Furthermore, generous salaries which allow expats to live very comfortably also play an integral part in decisions to relocation to Hong Kong.

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