How to Build a Winning CV for a Tax Job

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Presenting an engaging, informative and concise CV is one of the most important stages when seeking a new role or career move as a tax professional. This is your chance to make a lasting first impression towards your potential employer and boost your chances of standing out against the competition. It is essential to take the time and effort to focus on what content you need to highlight in your CV as well as how you will present this information in a coherent manner. But how can you tailor your CV for Kingpin?

We explore the 4 key elements our specialist recruitment team look for in a CV to make your resume stand out for Transfer Pricing or Financial Services roles.


We are honoured to work with many prestigious clients all over the world, from bustling business districts in Europe to famous financial regions in Asia. The roles we recruit for internationally therefore usually require talented multilingual individuals or those who have spent time learning languages throughout their education or spare time. Be sure to highlight any languages you are fluent in or have studied throughout the years on your CV, as this will aid our team in finding you a suitable role that requires specific knowledge of the languages you have secured.

A fun way to learn a language for free is through Duolingo.


Documenting your education is one of the most important elements of a CV. It shows your potential employer or tax recruitment consultant what qualifications you have gained over the years and where your level of expertise lies. Being clear and concise in this section is key, as the reader of your CV will want to find out this information easily and quickly to grasp an understanding of your education focus. Add any degrees or masters you have gained, as well as any other professional qualifications such as additional course certifications. In this section, you should also remember to include any international internships you have completed or if you have participated in any study programmes relevant to current tax career ambitions.


To enable the Kingpin team to identify your key strengths and focus, it’s important to detail on your CV what knowledge you have of specific industries and if you carry any distinct specialisms in a particular field. This is also your chance to showcase what International Tax projects you’ve had the pleasure of working on, what you’ve learned from these practices and how these projects have contributed to your industry knowledge. From these projects, are you able to establish any specialisms you are comfortable working in? Make sure to really sell your expertise in this section of your resume!


Possibly the most important section of all CV’s, no matter the job title, is work experience. Recruiters are intrigued to know what previous roles you’ve had, your key achievements from these opportunities and what the employer thought of your work, to determine if you are ready for a particular career change or step up.

In this section, you should focus on stating your previous roles, including the employer and the duration of your employment, remembering to highlight any promotions you may have secured throughout this time. Have you demonstrated Transfer Pricing experience or had a previous role in Financial Services? Providing an overview of any Stakeholder Groups you have managed or if you have participated in any cross-team collaborations, is also essential and an aspect that our team will look out for amongst multiple CV’s. Finally, we recommend including at least 3 review ratings from your career and any relevant references from your previous employers. This provides a legitimate back up for your efforts over the years and gives recruiters more confidence in your work-levels and knowledge.

Kingpin CV tips

If you are looking to enhance your professional development or take the next step in your career, follow these tips and tricks to ensure you stand out from your competition.  It is recommended that you update your CV every 6 to 12 months, to keep your achievements up to date and work experience current. Even if you are in amongst learning a new language or in the process of completing a course, highlight these milestones in your CV for that extra boost – it shows you are proactive and always willing to learn. 

Our recruitment specialists are always examining CV’s to seek the best talent and most suitable candidates for our prestigious clients all over the world – make yours stand out for Kingpin to land that dream job you’ve always wanted!

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