Author: Lauren Moodie

Tax Expat Q&A: Moving to Sydney

Sydney, Australia’s largest city, is continuously ranked as one of the world’s best cities to live in, therefore it’s no surprise that many tax expats ponder a relocation here to focus on their transfer pricing or VAT career. Companies such as the Big Four advisory firms are also found in Sydney’s central business district. With […]

Life in Basel for Tax Professionals

History of the City Basel is Switzerland’s third largest city and smallest canton. It has been part of the Swiss Federation since 1501 and the region has always been influenced by its location on the Swiss border. Presently the Greater Basel Area is referred to as the ‘Tri-national Euro-district of Basel (TEB).’ This term introduces […]

A Guide to Working in Zurich as a Tax Professional

Zurich is considered to be Switzerland’s economic and financial centre and one of the world’s most influential money management arenas. Its economic stability and focus on financial services makes Zurich the ideal location for expat tax professionals, who are drawn to the high standards of living and long-term career opportunities. So, if you are interested […]

Relocating and Living in Zurich

Zürich is notoriously expensive and regarded as quite a difficult place to relocate to. This is especially the case for expats. Luckily, we at Kingpin International have formulated some tips and information to ease the stress of finding a place in this beautiful Swiss city. Most people living in Zürich, including the expat population, tend […]

Schooling Guide for Expats in Zurich

Despite having an extremely capable education system in Switzerland, we realise that some parents may be more comfortable with their children attending an international school for a variety of reasons.  Continually increasing numbers of expatriates living in Zurich has led to the emergence of many international schools in the area. The majority of these schools […]

Guide to living and working in Lugano

Situated in Switzerland’s Italian canton of Ticino, Lugano is a city that more than meets the eye. The Swiss version of the Mediterranean, this picturesque city has emerged as a hub for business and is considered Switzerland’s 3rd largest financial centre. Aside from its business scene, Lugano is a feast for the eyes in terms […]

Where do Expats live in Switzerland?

Kingpin has a variety of International Tax roles currently available in Switzerland, but where in the country is most popular with expats? Data from the Swiss Federal Statistics Office has revealed there are presently more than 2.1 million foreigners who reside in the country, which is a 2.5% increase from 2016. This equates to almost […]

Must-know facts before moving to Basel

Are you interested in the exciting opportunities that Kingpin International has to offer in Basel? Then here is what you need to know before the big move! Facts about Basel With around 170,000 residents, Basel is Switzerland’s third-largest city. While there are 4 official languages in Switzerland, the most commonly spoken one in Basel is Swiss German. […]