Author: Phoebe Weir

Transfer Pricing and Tax Business in Singapore

Background to Tax Business in Singapore Singapore is a far cry from the small and underdeveloped country that it used to be and for a small country, has firmly established itself as a global business hub, especially for transfer pricing and tax prospects. Recently overtaking Hong Kong as the top place in Asia for multinational […]

Tax Expat Communities in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates hosts over 200 nationalities so everyone expects an intercultural experience when making the move to one of its seven Emirates. The majority of tax and transfer pricing expats will choose to reside in either Abu Dhabi, a calmer more traditional city or the cosmopolitan city of Dubai. With over 80% of […]

Facts and costs for expats living in Ireland

Ireland is a small island with large amounts of opportunities to offer everyone, especially ambitious tax and transfer pricing professionals. With its incredible scenery and the people’s Irish charm it is known for its welcoming feel. Moving between countries, whether you’re a well-travelled expat or not always comes with challenges. In this article, we have […]

Relocating to Malaysia: Expat Communities

With its multi-cultural society, Malaysia is an ideal location for ambitious international tax expats to consider and one of Asia’s most developed. Beaches, jungles and cities inhabit the country along with good weather, making it an attractive place to relocate to for tax and transfer pricing professionals. Kuala Lumpur is the largest city and capital, […]

Top Three Places for Tax Expats to Live in Malaysia

Rich in culture and heritage, Malaysia boasts large tax and accountancy multinationals, making it the ideal location for your next move. A place where the ‘big four’ call home in some of its most vibrant cities, employment prospects for international tax expats are naturally high for foreign workers. Cost of living database, Numbeo recently claimed […]

Five reasons for taking your tax career to Dublin

Since the last global downturn, an increasing number of international tax professionals have migrated to Dublin from overseas. Given its proximity to the rest of Europe and rich history, it can be no surprise that Dublin remains very popular among tax and transfer pricing expats. With some stunning architecture, friendly inhabitants, world-renowned hospitality and nightlife, […]

The cost of living in Malaysia for International Tax Expats

From a small tin-mining village to world-class infrastructure. While business behaviour is similar to the West, Malaysia can provide an intercultural experience, an affordable lifestyle and a 25% increase in income for international tax expats. The only country to hold territory on both mainland Asia and the Malay Archipelago, Malaysia is home to rainforests, beaches […]

Tax expats’ guide to life in Singapore

Singapore is an international city attracting an ever-growing tax and transfer pricing expat community. Moving to a new country can always be challenging and culture shocks are likely. It is recommended that you explore and communicate with other expats and their families before arriving, to make your experience less overwhelming. Hearing what others have to […]

Malaysia as a Great Destination for Tax Expats

Malaysia has been recognised as an ideal tac and transfer pricing expat destination for those considering moving to Asia to focus on their tax career. The exotic country is one of Asia’s hidden gems, located in its South-eastern territory. Malaysia is highly attractive to tax professionals seeking a career overseas for the following reasons: Its […]