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Expat Communities in Belgium

EXPAT OPPORTUNITIES IN BELGIUM FOR TAX SPECIALISTS In today’s globalised and interconnected world, many people leave their homes to settle in a new city, country or even continent highlighting the requirement for more expat communities to welcome foreign professionals. The global world holds wider opportunities for expats however, many have second thoughts about relocating due […]

7 Reasons why Tax Expats should Live in Brussels

The city of Brussels is a beautiful and cosmopolitan city, whilst being an exceptionally popular choice for many current transfer pricing expats and those who are pondering a relocation to achieve their corporate tax career ambitions. From exquisite international tax career opportunities to incredible architecture and central hub to neighbouring cities, there are many reasons […]

Tax Standards: ‘Austria now Largely Compliant’

Reviews and reports for 12 countries and jurisdictions have been unveiled by the OECD.  These reports examined their progress towards implementing global standards on transparency and exchange of information for tax purposes. The Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes, which the OECD runs found that seven jurisdictions, have the legal frameworks […]

Adding Sydney to your Tax Career Portfolio

Sydney has a very wide variety of areas and neighbourhoods; its real estate market is notoriously expensive but there is a wide range of properties. The commute possibilities are vast; all you need is an Opal card and you’re set to travel on Sydney’s buses, ferries, light rail, metro, and the latest development – Skytrain. […]

Things for Tax Professionals to do in Cork

The region of Cork is located in the south-west of Ireland and where it has quickly become known as the second city of Ireland, due to its growing business district and career opportunities ideal for ambitious tax professionals. Filled with fascinating history and stunning architecture, Cork offers an abundance of tourist attractions which expats can […]

Things for Tax Professionals to do in Singapore

Singapore has become an exceptionally prosperous region for ambitious tax specialists to focus on their careers whilst enjoying an optimal standard of living. There are a host of fascinating experiences right on your doorstep! Aside from the attractive salaries and exquisite working conditions among many multinational corporations, the city is full of entertainment and captivating […]

Things for Tax Expats to do in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is Germany’s fifth-largest city and has been a welcoming location for expats from across the world thanks to the exceptional economic and career-enhancing prospects the city has to offer. Whilst Frankfurt is a bustling hub for ambitious expats specialising in many professions, it is also home to remarkable architecture combined with fascinating culture and […]

Starting a New Job Remotely as a Tax Professional

Many companies worldwide are now working remotely and turning to digital onboarding methods to accommodate new tax expat employees who are perhaps unable to relocate due to the current travel restrictions. The effects of Covid-19 are therefore increasing the possibility of businesses adopting a more remote workforce for corporate tax and transfer pricing experts. We […]