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Things for Tax Expats to do in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is Germany’s fifth-largest city and has been a welcoming location for expats from across the world thanks to the exceptional economic and career-enhancing prospects the city has to offer. Whilst Frankfurt is a bustling hub for ambitious expats specialising in many professions, it is also home to remarkable architecture combined with fascinating culture and […]

Considerations for Tax Expats Moving to Hamburg

Hamburg is Germany’s second-largest city with over 1.7 million inhabitants and the country’s biggest port is one of the top destinations for expatriation in Europe. Home to the largest art museum in Germany and countless museums, boredom will be a thing of the past in this city and working in Hamburg welcomes many professional opportunities […]

Getting To Know Hamburg’s Tax Expat Community

Sheltered at the head of the Elbe River in the north of Germany lies the country’s second-largest city. The port city of Hamburg combines beautiful architecture and landscape with rich cultural heritage to create a vibrant city bursting with character and charm. It’s not surprising that each year the city attracts many expats from countries […]

Kingpin’s Lifestyle Guide for Tax Expats in Berlin

A POPULAR BASE FOR INTERNATIONAL COMPANIES With many international companies expanding to this capital city it has become more important in the world of business. Professionals, families and internationals alike call it home. Cosmopolitan and eclectic with a rich culture, long history and its own character, welcome to Berlin! With Berlin being renowned for being […]

Life in Frankfurt with a New Tax Job

Glinting with glass, steel and concrete skyscrapers, Frankfurt-on-the-Main (pronounced ‘mine’) is unlike any other German City. It is home to the European Central Bank and has made itself a high-powered finance and business hub with one of the world’s largest stock exchanges. This makes it a great place to move to for your new tax […]

A Guide to International Schooling in Frankfurt

As is the case in the rest of Germany, the education facilities available in Frankfurt are of a very high standard. Generally, all schools in Frankfurt will break for holidays in April, July, August and October, with an additional break in December for Christmas. Expatriates relocating with children really have two schooling options; International schools […]