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Facts and costs for expats living in Ireland

Ireland is a small island with large amounts of opportunities to offer everyone, especially ambitious tax and transfer pricing professionals. With its incredible scenery and the people’s Irish charm it is known for its welcoming feel. Moving between countries, whether you’re a well-travelled expat or not always comes with challenges. In this article, we have […]

Five reasons for taking your tax career to Dublin

Since the last global downturn, an increasing number of international tax professionals have migrated to Dublin from overseas. Given its proximity to the rest of Europe and rich history, it can be no surprise that Dublin remains very popular among tax and transfer pricing expats. With some stunning architecture, friendly inhabitants, world-renowned hospitality and nightlife, […]

Brussels Opportunities for Tax Professionals

Brussels has much more to offer than most tax and transfer pricing expats can imagine. It plays host to millions of visitors each year. As the political capital of Europe, Brussels is home to EU institutions, international organizations, politicians, diplomats and civil servants. The city is also the capital of Belgium, which explains the numerous […]

Tax and Transfer Pricing business in Belgium

BACKGROUND TO BUSINESS IN BELGIUM Despite its relatively moderate size, Belgium is a major hub for global enterprise and has the 11th largest GDP in Europe making this region an attractive city for doing business within the corporate and international tax industry. It is one of the EU’s smaller countries, however, a population of 11m makes […]

Tax Communities in Hungary

In today’s globalised and interconnected world, many people leave their homes to settle in a new city, country or even continent. The global world holds wider opportunities for expats, however, many have second thoughts about relocating due to the fear of the unknown. Without a doubt, the decision to emigrate is life-changing and many factors […]

Top 10 Things for Expats to Do in Budapest

Budapest has become a tax and transfer pricing expat hotspot in the past few years. Besides the tax job opportunities, low cost of living and low-income tax, what attracts ambitious tax expats to live in Budapest? Kingpin International has put together our top 10 reasons for the ultimate adventure for VAT professionals on their day […]

Kingpin’s Expat Guide for The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a beautiful, thriving country located in Western Europe with a population of 17.02 million. The country’s central location means that many European cities such as Geneva, Paris, Berlin and Brussels are all a very short flight away. The country’s larger cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam as well as its smaller towns […]