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Relocation – Budapest in Your Tax Career Portfolio

We know moving to a foreign country requires a lot of balanced decisions.  That’s why we’ve created an invaluable housing guide for tax professionals, from a selection of Budapest’s 23 Districts, with all the latest relocation advice from the Hungarian capital.  We cover some of the city’s districts popular amongst expats and the pros and […]

Life in Basel for Tax Professionals

History of the City Basel is Switzerland’s third largest city and smallest canton. It has been part of the Swiss Federation since 1501 and the region has always been influenced by its location on the Swiss border. Presently the Greater Basel Area is referred to as the ‘Tri-national Euro-district of Basel (TEB).’ This term introduces […]

A Guide to Living and Working in Zurich

Zurich is considered to be Switzerland’s economic and financial centre and one of the world’s most influential money management arenas. Its economic stability and focus on financial services makes Zurich the ideal location for expat tax professionals, who are drawn to the high standards of living and long-term career opportunities. So, if you are interested […]

Top Considerations for Expats Moving to Hamburg

Hamburg is Germany’s second-largest city with over 1.7 million habitants and the country’s biggest port is one of the top destinations for expatriation in Europe. Home to the largest art museum in Germany and countless museums, boredom will be a thing of the past in this city and working in Hamburg welcomes many professional opportunities […]

Relocating and Living in Zurich

Zürich is notoriously expensive and regarded as quite a difficult place to relocate to. This is especially the case for expats. Luckily, we at Kingpin International have formulated some tips and information to ease the stress of finding a place in this beautiful Swiss city. Most people living in Zürich, including the expat population, tend […]

Getting To Know Hamburg’s Expat Community

Sheltered at the head of the Elbe River in the north of Germany lies the country’s second-largest city. The port city of Hamburg combines beautiful architecture and landscape with rich cultural heritage to create a vibrant city bursting with character and charm. It’s not surprising that each year the city attracts many expats from countries […]