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Schooling Guide for Tax Professionals in Zurich

Despite having an extremely capable education system in Switzerland, we realise that some tax professionals may be more comfortable with their children attending an international school for a variety of reasons.  Continually increasing numbers of expatriates living in Zurich has led to the emergence of many international schools in the area. The majority of these […]

Where do Tax Expats live in Switzerland?

Kingpin has a variety of International Tax roles currently available in Switzerland, but where in the country is most popular with expats? Data from the Swiss Federal Statistics Office has revealed there are presently more than 2.1 million foreigners who reside in the country, which is a 2.5% increase from 2016. This equates to almost […]

Kingpin’s Lifestyle Guide for Tax Expats in Berlin

A POPULAR BASE FOR INTERNATIONAL COMPANIES With many international companies expanding to this capital city it has become more important in the world of business. Professionals, families and internationals alike call it home. Cosmopolitan and eclectic with a rich culture, long history and its own character, welcome to Berlin! With Berlin being renowned for being […]

Guide to International Schooling in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country that over the last few years has become an increasingly popular expat destination due to its stable and growing economy. Many expats prefer International schools due to their generally high reputation, credibility and their qualification flexibility. The majority of the International Schools will offer either the English style of curriculum […]

Life in Frankfurt with a New Tax Job

Glinting with glass, steel and concrete skyscrapers, Frankfurt-on-the-Main (pronounced ‘mine’) is unlike any other German City. It is home to the European Central Bank and has made itself a high-powered finance and business hub with one of the world’s largest stock exchanges. This makes it a great place to move to for your new tax […]

Reasons to Move to Luxembourg for a New Tax Job

Located in the heart of Western Europe, Luxembourg is one of Europe’s leading financial centres and attracts many finance professionals each year. Here are 7 reasons why more tax professionals are now relocating to Luxembourg for a new tax job. THE SECOND RICHEST COUNTRY Despite being one of the smallest countries, Luxembourg is the second […]

Utilising the Tax Expat Community in Brussels

LIFESTYLE AND DIVERSITY WITHIN BRUSSELS Brussels – the capital of Belgium, is an extremely diverse, multicultural and international city. The first language in the city is French, followed by Dutch and English. Around 70% of the Brussels population is made up of Belgium nationals. The city is bilingual; English is becoming extremely common to hear […]